This painting is inspired by the great masters of impressionism past and present, such as Manet, Renoir, Blanchard, Kim and Saintin, and by the work of  Shakespeare. As an artist I continue to learn from these great artists. There are some aspects I have adapted but changed in appearance. These are part of the bridge, windows, the door frame, the walls with cracked plaster revealing the brickwork underneath, the balustrade and the way the sun flickers against the walls.  The rest of the image is my own creation. I changed the composition, angles of the buildings, the colours, reflections, created new architectural facades, added the boats, some flowers, vases, and the young girl standing in the balcony. The story is of the young girl who dreams of a romance and waits for her own Romeo.

Medium: Oils and some acrylic

Size: Framed 34 cm x 29cm