This painting was made during the early and formative years of my career as an artist. I was creating my own style and voice by learning from the masters. Venetian Delight is a sketch and a study for a future painting. It is inspired by and adapted from the work of Masters such as Kim and  Canaletto, in terms of composition and features. However it is my own creative message with some transformation of the composition, colour scheme and the addition of elements. It represents an imagined  romantic, but also a realistic scene as a precarious electricity line crosses from end of the canal to another in the distance. It shows the famous Venetian Gondolas with passengers. One of rowers passes the house of his ‘inamorata’ as she waits by the door to see him. She is his Venetian delight. Above her on the right is the Italian flag which shows the pride and love of the people for their country. The golden cords that tie the boats to the poles depict the splendour and majesty of Venice.

Medium: Oils

Size: unframed canvas board – 49 cm x 59 cm