This painting was made during the early and formative years of my career as an artist. I was creating my own style and voice by learning from the masters. Playing the Blues is a sketch and a study for a future painting. It is inspired by and adapted from the work of masters such as McCraid (?) and Blanchard, in terms of composition and features. However it is my own creative message by transforming some of the composition, features, and the addition of elements such as the musician. Features changed: the buildings have been simplified; the wall and lamp posts, and the bench has also been changed. The figures remain almost the same. The shapes and colours have been changed. The reflections have also been altered.

Playing the Blues represents an imagined  romantic, but also a realistic scene as a musician plays the blues along London’s Embankment. He is one of the countless musicians that add life, vibrancy, joy and colour to this part of a London.

Medium: Acrylic

Size: Framed – 43 cm x 45 cm