This painting was made during the early and formative years of my career as an artist. I was creating my own style and voice by learning from the masters.  Heavenly Harbour is a sketch and a study for a future painting. It is inspired by and adapted from the work of Italian Masters and artists such as Kim, in terms of composition and features. However it is my own creative message by transforming some of the composition and adding elements. It represents an imagined a paradise and utopia along the Adriatic Coast of Italy and Croatia. It has several symbols to convey the message. The Christian elements are conveyed in the Dove that symbolises the spirit or Christ, the electricity pole is shaped as a cross, the children embracing each other symbolise unconditional love and protection for your family and for humanity. The number 7 by the door  is the sabbath or the day of rest which is emphasised by the parked bicycle and a couple in a boat admiring and contemplating the flowers.

Medium: Oils

Size: unframed canvas board – 49 cm x 59 cm