This painting was inspired by the warm, and hot colours and cultures of the Mediterranean. Zahra spent many years living in Southern Europe and fell in love with the warmth of the people, cuisine and environment. Here she pays homage to one of the happiest times of her life. Inspired by the great Dutch Masters Vanitas paintings. Aspects maintained the table cloth, parts of the flowers, fruit basket and fruit, and reflection. The Cirle of Life looks at the idea of birth, youth maturity and death. the clock in the background signals the passing of time with the hour of three being shown. This is the time where the afternoon leads to early evening, the light of life is disappearing. The butterfly is part of the birth and change to flowering or coming of age. The colours have the vibrancy of youth. The right side is youth and life but the left shows the flowers losing their petals and leaves are falling. I painted in blocks of colour inspired by cartoons, colouring books following numbers and stained class windows.

Medium: Oils on canvas board

Size: Framed – 58 cm x 69 cm